Bluer Denim: A Well-Marketed Disappointment

by thejourneyofdenim

From the founder of Agave Denim, Jeffrey Todd Shafer dives into a younger audience with Bluer Denim, a brand that promotes using products originating from and being finalized in North America.  Upon researching the brand and viewing their webpage, I was eager to try the denim on for myself.

To begin, the website is well done with a promotional video showing customers the story of the brand and the care taken in each pair of denim. All of what the video advocates is true, each pair is hand inspected with the name of the inspector written on the inside of the jeans (mine was inspected by Dan).

Source: Me (Austin Scarborough)

Dan inspected my pair. I liked the personal touch. Source: (Austin Scarborough)

Although this did not appeal to me, I admire the fact that the brand allows customers to try on the denim before purchasing, similar to Warby Parker, an eyeglass label. I unfortunately am too impatient for this.  The brand also asks customers to donate denim and offers a $5 discount on their next pair by doing so. This is also similar to what the eyeglass label does.

The denim itself has a very interesting selvedge line. Using the colors red, white and blue, the denim ties into the theme of the company: American made products. The cotton comes from Georgia, is woven in North Carolina, the denim is designed in Oregon and made in California. Culminated together these factors make for a great presentation, but upon opening my package, I was disappointed.

Source: Me (Austin Scarborough)

Here you can see the red, white and blue selvedge lining connecting the American Pride theme of the denim. Source: (Austin Scarborough)

I knew what I would experience as far as the weight is concerned, because it is a bit lighter than I am used to. I purchased the Super Slim 1776 Raw Selvedge weighing in at 12.75 oz. Once I tried the denim on, I was surprised at how unfitting the denim was. Not only that, but the denim itself did not feel of the quality I was expecting from the video and related web content. For example, each button was snapping threads as I unbuttoned them.

Notice the stacking from the thigh continuing to my foot. This is uncommon for a super slim fit. Source: Austin Scarborough

Notice the sagging from the thigh continuing to my foot. This is uncommon for a super slim fit. Source: (Austin Scarborough)

Unfortunately for me, but not so unfortunate for my wallet, I am returning the denim. I am glad I was able give the brand a shot. Next time, I may be a bit more skeptical about an attractive marketing campaign.